CPGD – Syblocks

CPGD – Syblocks

The grades in the 3rd semester course “Cross Platform Game Development” depended on a small gameproject, which had to be released on at least two platforms. One of them had to be a mobile platform. Nico Harather and I decided to form a developerteam once more and create another awesome little game.

Since we chose to do 4 ECTS more than recommended in the 2nd semester, we had a bit more time the following year. There were only a few courses we had to attend, one of them was “Game Prototyping”, where Christian Holzer and I were in a team when the following assignment had to be done: Develop a game that has something to do with mirrors.

After a little while we came to Tetris blocks. It’s always Tetris blocks. The game is about two equally sized grids. On both grids are some 1×1 blocks placed, the left grid should differ from the right one. Now the player gets a few Tetris blocks and has to place all of them onto the grid without overlapping with each other or the formerly placed blocks. The Tetris blocks have to be on the same position on both grids, but mirrored. Syblocks was born.

Nico and I decided to use this idea and started working on Syblocks. We’re not good at names, I think it came from “Symmetry Blocks” or something like that. We developed it in C#, using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio, since we don’t need to change much besides the input when deploying it for Windows Phone 7 or XBOX (which we left out yet).

The game has some bugs but i think it’s still fun to play. We didn’t put Syblocks on the WP7 market yet, maybe we’ve got time to finish it some day.

Download it here: Syblocks (52mb)

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