Computer Vision – Term Report

I know, it’s been a long time since I last updated my blog. Sorry for that. The second one was a hell of a Semester. Very interesting topics, though a lot of work. It wasn’t a very good choice picking more lectures than needed, but it was worth it! Besides the required subjects “Human Computer Interaction” and “Artificial Intelligence”, we had to pick to other lectures. Those were Game Production and, of course, Computer Vision. The additional subject that I simply didn’t want to miss was a course by Michael Lankes called “Game Art and Level Design”, which i will discribe on another update.

Plugin that detects markers

First of all: Computer Vision is such an interesting topic that you can’t get off working if you once have begun. The problem is, it’s a very difficult topic. Most of us had problems implementing the given assignments (plugins for an image processing program named “ImageJ“). At the end of the semester we had to upload a term report and take an oral exam. I passed both, and now I’m in the third semester, yay!

For those who are interested, you can find my term report on scribd: CV Term Report


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