Curt & Francis in Candyland

Curt & Francis in Candyland

Since In2DVoid was intended to be a prototype for a 2.5D Coop Jump’n’Run game, we had to bring something that comes close enough to that. Curt and Francis are back, a bit different than before.

Nico and I put a lot of work in the concept of the game, cooperative skills, different for each player (such as it was in In2DVoid). The big challenge was: how could we possibly develop such a game in just one semester? Especially if it has to be 3d? And it HAD to be 3d! That was the intentional idea of In2DVoid, but it was, as already mentioned, just a prototype. This was the real deal, and we found some things that came pretty handy.

Candyland Gallery

In our additional subject “Game Art and Level Design”, we were introduced to an awesome game development tool named “Unity 3D“. Oh how I wish I would have known it earlier. It is the perfect tool for rapid prototyping as well as for the production of full games (although the free version has some restrictions). This tool made it possible that we actually were able to create a whole level.

Thanks to our professor Michael Lankes we had the possibility to combine our semesterproject and the GALD-project, so our team now consisted of three people, two from IM and Manuel Wieser from Digital Arts. Since we now had someone for making awesome art, we could use more time developing the actual game.

Sadly, it was (as usual) not enough time to make a complete game. Also our evil dinosaur (the equivalent of the black hole in In2DVoid) didn’t make it in the presentation version. I think the gameplay could be fun, bit it’s simply not finished.

Enough talk, download it here: Candyland

Thanks to all the people who helped getting this project to the current status!

Please contact me if any links are down!

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