New year, new semester, new topics. No! I want to make games, and that’s what I do. Our first big project in Interactive Media is a game. In the first semester, we (Nico Harather & I) wanted to create something cool, but in only one semester and with only two teammembers, this is pretty hard. So we decided to create a smaller game, but try to finish it and extend it (more or less) in the next semester.
Since there were many cool coop-games on the market, especially released at the time when we had to find a project topic (such as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light), and we really liked to do a multiplayergame.


The gLab in Hagenberg was our home for the last few weeks. Hours of hard work (and, of course, fun) were spent to finish the game. And we did it.

Download it here: In2DVoid – Setup
Presentation as usual on Scribd

Francis (Air): W – Fly up, E – Action
Curt (Ground): Up – Jump, Space – Action

Curt can doublejump too! Hold the jumpkey longer to jump higher.

Since we haven’t had enough time to create a tutorialscreen, here are a few things before you play:

  • Avoid running/flying into obstacles, they throw you back!
  • Push your colored button as it appears!
  • Francis can use his action every time his cooldown isn’t active. But use it wisely! You will need it if a storm appears.
  • Be careful as warning signs appear, Curt has to use his action now!
  • If one of you dies, don’t be sad, he will be revived if you reach the next checkpoint (green vertical bar).
  • Finally: Don’t get caught!

Well, we got some system requirements: you need to have a graphics card that supports shader v3 (YES! We got a motion blur shader within a Java app :D) and JRE v1.4 or greater. Also, if you have Windows Vista or greater, you have to run it as admin.

Have fun playing, and leave me some comments!

PS: Many thanks to Matthias Bartsch and his awesome GraphX2D-Project, Roman Divotkey, Michael Lankes and, of course, our new livingroom: gLab

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