Shader – 3 little projects

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog, sorry for that (it seems, sorry is one of my most used words here). Altough many things happened since my last entry. Projects were finished, I got some work experience at Joanneum Research and finally passed my Bachelor in Science and Engineering with distinction.

There are a few things I haven’t published yet, but I will. Maybe today.

Let’s start with the 5th Semester’s project in the course “Shader Programming”. Our target was to create three simple shaders for our gameproject (which I will show you soon). Take a short look, it was my first experience with shaders.

Here’s the presentation for it: Scribd
The Shaderprogram: Download
Virustotal test here

w/W – zoom in
s/S – zoom out
1/2/3 – set shader
v – increase blendFactor (Shader 3)
V – decrease blendFactor (Shader 3)
t – increase threshold (Shader 2)
T – decrease threshold (Shader 2)
m – switch model

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