Heroes’ Destiny

Heroes’ Destiny

As a project for the 5th Semester, we decided to go along and find something we can write our bachelor term paper about. Since we all wanted to do something with games, all in a different way, there weren’t many discussions about what to do, but how. Warcraft III was always fun to play and I wanted to learn something about C# too. So our target was to create a clone of one of our favourite Warcraft III maps, “Enfo’s Team Survival”. The destination was hard to reach, and we simply didn’t have enough time to finish it. I would say It’s very much of a early alpha, sadly. I had fun programming the A.I. That’s by the way the topic of my term paper.

As usual, presentation on Scribd
The game is here: Download
Virustotal test here

Controls: simply choose one of out of one heroes and rightclick to move him.

No, there are no abilities, no achievements and no nothing. And it’s buggy. But it was fun developing! I wish we had more time.

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